Life of a Beekeeper


You know what the term eco-friendly means. However, once you learn about the apiary and how innovative a tool it is, you will be more prone to working with someone who practices live bee removal instead of the standard extermination.

What is a Bee Apiary?

Also known as a bee yard, an apiary is where collected beehives and honey bees are kept. These are apiaries and are a beekeeper’s primary tool for remaining eco-friendly and keeping bees alive and happy while producing essentials like wax and honey.

Who Uses Bee Apiaries?

From beekeepers to farmers, apiaries are popular ways to help boost industry and preserve bees' lives as a species. Apiaries can take beneficial production directions in the form of:

  • Wax Production

  • Honey Production

  • Honey Bee Preservation

  • Pollination

How Does a Bee Apiary Work?

By working with a bee removal service and specializes in beekeeping and bee relocation, you are promoting the use of bee apiaries and safe economic practices. A company will remove unwanted swarms and hives and put them in a bee apiary. Here, the bees will have the freedom to survive and thrive. The best part about this type of swarm removal is that it is safe for all parties involved, even the bees. There are no harmful chemicals used in this method.

Beekeeper Specialist   Mar 19, 2021

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